Friday, November 11, 2011


I have been slacking on this! Apologies! I have been mad busy at work and in the evenings this week. That said, I have been sticking like glue to the induction!

Could there a better way to feed yourself than with a bird? During the week, I like to roast a chicken. It's so easy and provides a bunch of food for lunches. J roasted a chicken and we ate the legs with some greens and leftover summer squash (this thing went for miles). The next day, I had some breast for lunch at work. The skin on this thing was the best! A crispy and chewy treat.

For dinner that night, I picked all the chicken off the bird and made a stock with the bones and neck. I turned the stock into a very yummy chicken soup and made up some coconut and almond flour biscuits. I totally winged it (pun intended) and they turned out really great! I used coconut oil instead of butter and a bit of salt. Not sure of the measurements because I'm a jerk like that...but I'm sure if you measure out a bit of the flours, work in a tablespoon or so of the fat and then add water until it comes together--they should be fine! Bake until golden at 325.

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