Saturday, November 5, 2011

DAY SIXTEEN: Market Saturday

After J was not feeling well last night, I woke up with a burning feeling in my stomach this morning. Kinda like how I imagine heartburn would feel but in the pit of my stomach. We wanted to go to The Wychwood Market so I sucked it up and got dressed after a lot of useless complaining.

More kale...cause kale rules.
A very cool but totally beautiful fall morning. The trees are on fire these days! Time to break out the winter woolies though, it's gonna get nippy! Last night we booked our plane tickets to head up north for Christmas. This will be J's first trip there in the winter and I am so excited to take him ice fishing, snowshoeing and tunneling into snowbanks.
Breakfast! A paleo-friendly raw taco from one of the market venders Nujima Living Foods. Can't wait for induction to be over so I can have one of her frosted brownies again...they are made with almonds, raw cacao, yacon syrup and coconut spread.
The bounty! Curly kale and red Russian kale, spinach, spicy greens and salad greens, celery, red and white onions, mushrooms, eggs, peameal and regular bacon, cucumbers, ground beef, napa cabbage, hot peppers and brussels sprouts.

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