Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sunday was the best day of the challenge so far! A couple of pals and myself organized a brunch and being that they are awesome, supportive ladies...we did it PALEO STYLE! I don't think we actually noticed that we were missing out on anything.
Hannah has the cutest apartment with lovely natural light. We took full advantage of the sexy food to catch some snaps. Hannah made latkes with zucchini and almond flour. She served them with smoked salmon, chives and sour cream (for the non-paleo peeps to enjoy). I drank coffee--straight-up!
The little loaf was not paleo but I swear I didn't partake. There was a crazy little monster voice person (not unlike the personality "Gimmie" from the show The United States of Tara) that was telling me, "EAT IT! Just shove it in your mouth you freak!" I didn't though...they had jam and I still didn't touch the stuff.
Amy made an amazing shirred egg dish with kale and sausage. This was so good! Which reminds me that I need to get the the recipe from her, stat!
I made a frittata! I know, you are shocked. I only live on the things! This one had bacon, broccoli, mushrooms, tomato and some greens. I also made a salad with mustard greens, arugula and sorrel from the garden and served it with a super-herby olive dressing of lovage, chervil and dill.
If you can't tell...it was perfect! We followed up our noshing with talk of soap-making and a tree-gazing walk to Koreatown for an essential oil sniffing session. BLISS!

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