Saturday, November 5, 2011


Ah, Friday!
Despite being the end of the week, it was a super busy day. I recently found out the amazing news that a proposal I did up for a subsidized healthy lunch program at work was accepted. So stoked, obviously...but it meant a lot of work in a short amount of time if I was going to get it up and running. I was flailing around like a crazy person all day. I ate lunch in a flash and didn't have any snacking opportunities but also didn't really miss them.

When I got home from work, J was laying on the couch in a state of "not feeling well." He said it might have been that he drank too much tea but he was also feeling really low-energy. We made up a couple pork chops and a side of brussels sprouts and ate in a state of zombiosis.

We relaxed in bed, talked about family and christmas and he confessed that he's been feeling pretty crappy. He said he has been "seeing weird things" (I experienced this a bit too) and dreaming of cheating every night. He said sometimes in his dreams we have fast food or drink a pop and he wakes up feeling horrible for failing. It's totally hilarious but also kinda crappy that he seems to have anxiety over it. He's basically doing the challenge to support me so I feel worried for him. He is a major craft beer lover and budding home brewer so it must be extra hard. We talked about why we eat bad things when we do or why we drink when we do. It was nice to open up a bit about all that. We generally eat very well. We have always been big on buying from local farmers at markets, mostly organic and all that. We've mainly done this because it's more delicious than conventional grocery store food. That being said, we tend to drink a lot and indulge in non-optimal foods often. It will be interesting to see how our habits change after all this. I feel like things will be very different.

Here is a picture of some nice radishes from the market a few weeks cheer you (and me) up.

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