Friday, March 1, 2013


I am in bed with organic celery sticks and a bad attitude! Due to being slightly unprepared grocery wise, today was a challenge.

It started off not too bad with eggs scrambled in coconut oil and a smoothie with raspberries, cranberries, coconut milk, blueberry juice (the stuff that isn't even sweet at all!) and some macadamia nut butter.

I waited WAY to long to have lunch--like 3pm too long--I had soup and a salad.  When I got home I cried because the house was messy and someone at work hurt my feelings today and I was hungry and angry and just so emotional.  Maybe part of it was that it was a bad day and I couldn't just come home and eat it away.  I actually had to feel some of that stuff and it wasn't so easy.  

J came home and squeezed me and said nice things and I felt better.  We made a salad and some spicy calamari with yellow peppers for dinner.  I'm still hungry, hence the celery.  Such a sad little snack!

During dinner I asked him about dinner time when he was growing up.  Did they pray?  He said no but that he actually sort of liked the idea of it.  I suggested we do something before a meal to help us slow down and think about the food a bit.  For appreciation and gratitude.  He thought it was a good idea so I'm excited to try something out.  Some kind of food prayer.  Some way of giving thanks. We really are so grateful to have access to all kinds of delicious, fresh and wonderful things to eat.

Food Rules

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