Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I missed posting yesterday but trust that I was 100% ketogenic paleo all day long! I was right too, day six was better than day 5. I learned a valuable lesson on day 5; don't mess with breakfast. In other words, eat it.

Yesterday I had bacon and eggs for breakfast and left over rabbit soup for lunch. We made up a shrimp coconut curry with lots of veggies for dinner and I had a GIANT (the size of my head--I mean it) post-dinner salad as a "snack."

Today...more bacon and eggs but this time I made the eggs into an omelette with spinach and mushrooms. I had leftover curry for lunch. I wasn't too hungry after work but had a quick boiled egg before my WOD at Academy of Lions. I did a WOD on day one of the challenge but have not been since! My energy has been super high all day so I was looking forward to channeling some of it. It was like, walking wasn't fast enough today. It was a rad feeling.

The WOD was pretty good--1 minute of push-ups, 15 pull-ups and a 400 meter run. 20 minutes and as many reps as possible. After being away all summer, I really need to work on my pull-ups. I was really slow and doing 15 was painful to get through. I was happy with the push-ups and the run though.

I did 3 rounds plus 20 more push-ups and 12 pull-ups. Just in case I wanna check back for next time ;)

After class, J and I prepared a late dinner of pork chops and salad. I made a cucumber salad with some paleo-friendly olive "pate" I found. I threw in some red onion and sprinkled basil sprouts on top. I also made a coleslaw with cabbage, watermelon radish, celery and some green onion. I used a bit of paleo mayo, coconut milk and turmeric to dress it. Check it out!

We've basically used up all the vegetable ingredients that we bought on the weekend. Only a few onions and other random bits left. It actually feels really great to use up all the veggies. Even though I do think we eat a lot of vegetables normally, so often in the past we would buy a bunch with good intentions and let them rot because we didn't get to them. I feel like we are zero waste right now! Every morsel is precious and eatable. This might be my favorite thing about this whole experience.

Does this look familiar? Half meat, half veggies.

Tonight we're going to hit the Dufferin Grove Market for a stock up! I will report back on our seasonal findings!

Here is a very, very sleepy and silly video that I did at the end of day one where I pretend that I am an actual cavegirl, sitting in a cave just before bed. I wrapped myself in an actual wolf hide that my mom sent me last year and it's very cozy as you may be able to gather from the video. Next video? Hunting woolly mammoths (great band name!) ...or something.

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  1. I LOVVVEEEEE IT! and that salad looks hypercolour.